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Buddy Packs

Outdoor Survival Gear For Kids

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Kids Outdoor Survival Kits

Sparkie's Lost

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Why Do Kids
Need Their Own
Survival Gear?

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Wear a Buddy Pack

Be Brave

Explore Nature

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Kid's Outdoor
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That Inspire

It’s About Knowledge, Confidence, Fun, & Freedom to Explore

It’s the Perfect Outdoor Companion for Kids


Buddy Packs


Buddy Packs


Buddy Packs for Kids

To: Parents & Grandparents

 Let Sam and Sparkie (pictured above) teach you with the Buddy Pack Parent Guide, and your child with the Buddy Pack Picture Card, how to stay safe and how to use the kit if they get lost.

To: Kids & Friends

This Buddy Pack is for you and your friends!  You can open it, tie with it, turn it on, wrap up in it, play with it, and hug everything that’s in it–ALL BY YOURSELF!  How cool is that!

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For Adventurous Children & Young Adults

Kids & The Outdoors

  • You love the outdoors, and you want to instill that same love for nature in your children.
  • You also want to build their confidence and help them see themselves as brave.
  • Taking them on outdoor adventures wearing a Buddy Pack is a perfect way to do both.

What’s in our Buddy Packs?

A Parent’s Guide to help parents teach their kids how to use the items in the survival kit and how to practice being safe outdoors.

*It also has a section titled, “Family Wilderness Safety Talk” that helps parents teach outdoor safety skills including how to not get lost.

A Picture Card to help the child remember what they learned.

*This Card is attached to the Buddy Pack
It includes picture instructions that are easily followed by kids whether they can read or not.

An adventure Buddy for comfort and companionship.

*Parents are urged to have their child teach their adventure buddy what they are taught, thereby reinforcing the learning process.

*For a free dog tag with the puppy’s name on it and a Puppy Training Certificate, see “How to Train Your Puppy” on the website.

And the following outdoor survival gear for kids, which has been tested and approved by real children. (For descriptions of these items, go to the Shopping Cart.)Sam and Sparkie Adventures

  • A survival whistle –with a mouthpiece perfect for kids
  • A reflective locator ribbon–to help searchers find them
  • A survival blanket–best one available
  • A flashlight–with a wrist loop so kids don’t lose it
  • A water bottle–for emergency water

Each Buddy Pack also comes with a hug and a surprise in the front pocket!

Energy bars are to be provided by the parents.

Buddy Packs
Buddy Packs - Kids Outdoor Gear
Buddy Pack

Why Buy The Buddy Pack?

Kids & Grand Kids Love Them

Until now, most wilderness survival kits have been designed for adults and require more strength, knowledge, and skill than a child has.

At Buddy Packs we believe that every child is capable of surviving in the wilderness if they get lost. Our Buddy Pack has been developed especially for this purpose.

Contains essential survival items selected specifically for children

Encourages the addition of other items as the child is ready

Builds the child’s confidence through learning and practice

Creates peace of mind in parents.