How it happened:

Buddy PacksA few years ago, after hearing stories of children becoming lost in the wilderness, I could actually feel the terror—and in some cases tragedy–that the children and their families must have experienced.

Yet I believe completely that children, even young children, can be taught how to survive in the wilderness, and that these terrifying situations can be avoided.

I already knew that wilderness survival kits available on the market were geared for teens or adults, and the contents were either too complicated, unnecessary, or difficult for a child to use, especially while experiencing the stress of being lost.

So…an idea began, and with the help of my children and grandchildren–and others with years of outdoor experience–the Buddy Pack concept emerged, and quickly became much more than “the sum of its parts.”

–Connie Jones, Owner, and Creator, Buddy Packs, LLC

Buddy Packs, LLC:Sam & Sparkie Adventures

  1. Was established in April 2017 with the purpose of teaching children how to keep from getting lost in the wilderness; and by using the Buddy Pack instructions and tools, empowering them to survive until help comes if they do get lost.
  2. Believes in a child’s ability to remember what they have learned, allowing them to act with courage and confidence instead of panic and fear.
  3. Believes in a child’s ability to be a leader and teacher to his peers. Buddy Packs now has Team Leaders in four states.  (A Team Leader is a child who is trained to teach the Buddy Pack system to their adventure friends and families.)
  4. Enables parents to teach their children very simple wilderness survival skills, creating confidence and peace of mind.

As you can see, Buddy Packs is much more than a small waist pack that contains essential survival items.  It is about knowledge, practice, courage, confidence, and believing in themselves.  It is about providing a way for parents and children to learn together, developing trust and understanding between them.

Why the name “Buddy Packs”?

In each Pack is a small stuffed animal—an adventure buddy—that provides comfort and companionship for the child.  If the child becomes lost, It helps them calm down and remember to act on what they have learned.

Who needs a Buddy Pack?

Any child (beginning age 4 or 5) who spends time in the wilderness and who has parents (or grandparents or group leaders) who recognize the need to prepare their children for the possibility of becoming lost.

The Buddy Pack Development Team:

Connie Jones, Owner, and Creator:

–45 years wilderness experience with children of all ages.

–Director of the Outdoor Program for Realms of Inquiry School in Salt Lake City, Utah for 5 years.  Wrote the Outdoor and Risk Management Handbook for the school.  Trip leader and teacher of outdoor and survival skills for 20 years.

–Emergency Program Director for Bluffdale City, Utah with a duration of four years.  Wrote the Bluffdale City Neighborhood Emergency Plan.

–Loves and believes in children.

Ross Jones:  Headmaster at Realms of Inquiry School for 24 years.  Led outdoor and international trips with students of all ages.  Hero to all who know him.

Andrew Jones:  Graduate of Utah Valley University in Outdoor Leadership, many years of outdoor experience, best dad ever.

April Jones, Lauren Huffcutt, Patrick Huffcutt:  all with extensive outdoor experience, love of children, and commitment to the mission of Buddy Packs.

Team Leaders (so far):  Kaden, age 8; Asher, 11, Pickle, 6; James, 7; Allie, 8; Rory, 10; Ava, 8; Chanel, 11.