One of the Simplest, Most Effective Survival Strategies Ever.

The easiest way for a child to be found when lost in the wilderness is to stay where they are and blow a whistle until someone comes to find them.

I have mentioned before about two young girls who got lost in the deep woods for almost two days.  They screamed so much calling for help that they lost their voices.   They both have Buddy Packs now, which include one of the best survival whistles available for children.  Fortunately, they will never have to go through that again.

A quick search on the internet shows how complicated some outdoor survival kits can be.  Yet for a child, a few well-chosen items will keep them alive until found.  Each child with a Buddy Pack—an outdoor survival kit for kids–knows the drill:  stop, hug your adventure buddy (a small plush puppy), then BLOW YOUR WHISTLE AS LOUD AND HARD AS YOU CAN 3 TIMES—and continue to do so until help comes.  There are more steps, of course, but you can see how vital these first three are.

By the way, they know this “drill” because their parents have taught them from the Parent Guide and because they have an instructional picture card to remind them what they have been taught.  The photo above is picture #3 on the card.

Buddy Pack kids love their survival whistles, and the whistle blowing competitions we have at our activities!  They love to practice—but please don’t try this at home!  Wide-open spaces work best.

Outdoor Safety Tips

The best news is that:

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