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Why is a Buddy Pack the best gift ever for an adventurous child?

Because when it comes to outdoor survival gear, children need their own.  And since the Buddy Pack is the first wilderness survival kit designed especially for kids, it is the best gift you could ever give them!

Buddy Packs Gift Box
Youngs Girls with Buddy Packs

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With this kid-friendly survival kit, every item has been tested so a child age 4-11 can buckle, zip, understand, hug, blow, tie, wrap up in, signal with, turn on, open, drink from, unwrap, and play with, every item in it all by themselves!  That’s one reason why kids love it so much.  It’s their very own survival tool!

Some other reasons kids say they like it:

— It’s cool and fun. (In grown-up language that means it makes them feel independent and confident.)  

— It helps them feel safe while adventuring outdoors, which means they feel safer when they wear it and safer if they were to get lost–and their parents don’t worry!  What a huge benefit this is to parents and grandparents.   

Watch for more information about helping parents not worry and other kid’s reasons in the next blog.

Sparkie, the Buddy Pack adventure puppy, has his own wilderness survival kit. He understands about shelter, water, and food. He’s really “into” kids’ survival gear, and wears his very own Buddy Pack whenever he goes out exploring.

Buddy Packs Sparkie - Capitol Reef

Last week we were in Capitol Reef National Park and he loved the slot canyon we hiked.  Wearing his survival kit, he explored everywhere, and playfully tried to hide from us.

Here are three photos of him hiding.  Can you and your kids find him in each photo?  

Buddy Packs & Sparkie-shelters-in-rocks
Buddy Packs Sparkie-finds-shelter-in-rocks

So if you want an easy way to teach your kids survival skills, give them confidence, and give yourself peace of mind–get them a buddy pack.

It’s a kit, a plan, and a buddy–it’s the best kid’s survival kit ever.

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