Why Buddy Packs are The Best – Reasons 5, 6 & 7

They’re designed by—you guessed it—kids!

Reason #5

Why are they the perfect and favorite gift for kids?

Each Buddy Pack has a Reflective Locator Ribbon—a tool created especially for, and is unique to, Buddy Packs!  This 2” wide strip of bright orange ripstop nylon has 6 reflective patches on one end (three on each side).

It has two purposes:
–The child is taught to tie it onto a tree or bush at their eye level as a reminder to STAY WHERE THEY ARE (close to it) until someone finds them.  This is a critical part of kids’ survival gear.

–The patches are highly reflective and can easily be seen in the beam of a flashlight if searchers are looking at night.

Buddy Packs
Kids Survival Kits

It also has a very high-quality survival blanket—this “Heatsheet” blanket reflects 90% of body heat and provides shelter from cold, wind, rain, or snow.  This blanket is very durable and easy for a child to use.

Each Buddy Pack has a flashlight with 5 modes, a 100-hour battery, and an elastic wristband which helps the child always know where it is.   Besides, kids love its glow stick mode!

Reason #6

Buddy Packs are easy to wear for kids of all ages.  It is a small waist pack that can be worn in front, in back, over their shoulder, or attached to another pack.  The intention is to have it easy to keep on so it’s there when the child needs it.

Kids Survival Kits
Buddy Packs For Kids

Reason #7

It is lightweight.  With a full water bottle and two energy bars (which are provided by the parents), the pack weighs 2 lbs. 10 oz.  Similar kits to the Buddy Pack weigh between 7-20 lbs, which means children don’t want to wear them.

Buddy Packs Survival Kit

We care very much about how a child feels about their Buddy Pack, so the weight of each item has always been an important factor.  

So, finally, an answer to your most basic concern:  “What happens if my child gets lost out there?”

Give them a Buddy Pack!

Now, doesn’t that feel better?

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