New!!!  Additions to Buddy Packs for Children  New!!!

Christmas Special——–15% off until December 20, 2017

As stated on this website, we encourage the addition of other items as the child is ready.  These items can now be ordered for Christmas delivery now through December 20, 2017.  They are for children beginning about age 10 who already have or will receive, a Buddy Pack.

 These items include:
signal mirror
pocket knife
fire starters
personal water filter

These items can be purchased separately on the shopping page for 15% off until December 20, 2017.  And yes, any combination of them will fit in the Buddy Pack with what is already in it.

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Free with your order ($9.00 value):

****The Buddy Pack Teen Guideto help you learn how to use these new items, and

****a Stuff Sackto keep them organized in a daypack or backpack if you want to carry them separately from your Buddy Pack

It is good to ease children into learning how to use these additional items so they can enter their teen years more confidently, but it is best for parents to decide when they are ready.

 So take a minute and look over what we have.  Get excited for new opportunities in learning and skill development.  Go to “shop” to order.