When I was young, and an adventure was in the making, the first thing out of my mouth was, “Can I go?”  That led to my love of rivers, lakes, mountains, wildflowers, autumn leaves–and even thunderstorms, snow, and anything else nature could throw at me

.Connie JonesIt also led me to explore jungles in Peru and Ecuador; hiking the Annapurna Trail in Nepal twice—both times in a skirt; riding the Lunch Counter rapids on the Snake River in Idaho without capsizing my Duckie, and backpacking hundreds of miles in the Escalante area of Utah without getting lost permanently.

But to me the greatest adventures include children.  Being there to discover and explore with them still fills me with wonder.

As an Outdoor Director at a small private school in Salt Lake City, Utah, and as a parent and now grandparent, I have spent many days and nights with children in all kinds of wilderness settings.  These adventures are the inspiration behind Buddy Packs.

It gives me great pleasure to know that I can contribute to their sense of confidence, safety, and freedom as they explore wild places.

It all comes together when I hear a parent say: “The Buddy Pack is a critical part of our outdoor gear and gives our children confidence and a plan if anything were to happen to them.”

And an 8-year-old child says: “If you get lost and are wearing your Buddy Pack you won’t be scared.”

So go ahead, step confidently and courageously into the outside world with your child———-wonders await you!