Hi, this is Connie, the founder of BuddyPacks.com

Connie JonesIf you are a parent or grandparent of children who love to explore, play, scramble, jump, hike, fish, hunt, backpack, snowmobile, back-country ski, etc., in wilderness areas and often worry about them getting hurt or lost, then you will understand the value of a Buddy Pack.

I don’t mean how much it costs, I mean what it will do for you and your children or grandchildren.  That value is priceless because it lets you send them out to do all those things with confidence knowing they’re prepared.  They have the knowledge, tools, and the courage to act on what they have learned to keep from getting lost or hurt, or what to do if they become lost.

So my message to you is that now there is an alternative to worrying about what your child will do if they get lost.  This alternative is not complicated, purchase for your child a Buddy Pack, and use the Parent Guide that comes with it to teach your child what they need to know and do.  As you teach them, you will realize that when they are wearing their Buddy Pack, you know what they have with them and what they are expected to do.  Doesn’t that feel better?

The Buddy Packs Mission is to empower parents and children to:

  • Experience the wilderness safely
  • Know how to keep from getting lost
  • Know what to do and be prepared to do it if they become lost