Courage Club

“I knew what to do”

In May of 2017, a 10-year-old, 71-pound Florida girl, Juliana, was swimming in 18” of water 10 feet from shore in a lake at a county park when, without warning, an alligator attacked her.  It clamped down on her leg and she fought back!

“I tried hitting on its forehead to let me go but that didn’t work…so I thought of what they taught in Gatorland (at a recent field trip), so I “sticked” my fingers up its nostrils and it had to open its mouth and let my leg out so it could breathe.”

Later she said, “if it happens to you, do the same thing!”

This young girl learned, remembered, and acted on what she knew.  It saved her life!

read the full story:  10 Year Old Fights Off Alligator

Knowledge allowed her to replace her fear with courage.  She hit it on the head out of fear but of course, that didn’t work.  But when she stopped and thought, she remembered what she had learned.  She was then able to act with confidence and courage instead.  It saved her life.

She now knows that knowledge allows her to replace fear with courage.   How cool is that?

A Buddy Packs works the same way.  You learn, you practice, and you gain confidence, s0 you know what to do.  You have a kit, a plan, and a buddy.  When you get lost, you replace fear with courage—and do what you have learned.  And how cool is that?

Any child who owns a Buddy Pack is automatically a member of the Courage ClubEach blog post will contain a story from one of you about how you did something brave because you replaced fear with courage.  It does not have to be life-saving.  It can be during outdoor adventures, at school, with a friend, or anything else.

As you choose courage over fear this summer, write in and tell us about it.  Send a photo too!  Then I can put it in one of the future blogs!  Send it to