Lifestraw & Sidekick Water Filters

Don’t Worry About Food; Water is More Important!

If you’re lost in the wilderness, it’s natural to think of food as essential to survival.  It is– long term of course, but not in the first several days.  What really matters out there is shelter and water.

“The Survival Rule of 3,” says a person can survive three days without water.  That is if they can stay sheltered from a harsh environment.  (The survival blanket that comes in our Buddy Packs and Teen Survival Kits keeps a child warm or cool, depending on how they use it.)

But to answer the need for water, there is a 12 oz. bottle in the Buddy Pack.  Kids are taught to fill it, keep it in the pack, and use it for emergency drinking water if they are lost.  But what if they drink it all in the first few hours—because they’re seven years old and scared?  Then what?

Good question!

Fortunately, Buddy Packs has a perfect answer for children. After testing and practicing with many types of water purification methods (to find one that would be easy and safe for children to use), we decided on offering two different filters.  They function the same way but differ in size and capacity.

Our 10-year-old grandson, on a recent river rafting trip, practiced with his LifeStraw Personal Water Filter until he got really good at it.  I would often find him down by the river drinking water and feeling the power of independence it gave him.

Another grandson, pictured above, practiced drinking straight out of the river with his LifeStraw and then as shown here with a zip-lock bag, which he said made the process easier.

Lifestraw & Sidekick Water Filters

But using a water filter takes a little practice.  If a child gets it figured out when they are in a non-stress situation (meaning not lost), it gives them—and their parents—confidence in this most important element of survival.

The two filters we sell are the LifeStraw (pictured) and the Sidekick.  Check them out on our website Store at

Children ages 7 and up could, with practice, learn to use either of these filters; and they fit nicely in the Buddy Pack or the Teen Survival Kit.

Two more thoughts about water:

  1. Heat, humidity, and physical activity can rob a child’s body of moisture rapidly. This is another critical reason for a child to follow their Buddy Pack Picture Card and “stay where you are until someone finds you.” By doing so, and creating a protective shelter, they will retain the moisture and energy they already have, and not waste it.
  1. I’ve drunk water from a puddle with dead beetles floating in it. But I had a filter I knew I could count on— like the LifeStraw and the SideKick.  BUT, if I did not have a filter and were dangerously dehydrated, I would drink the water anyway…

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