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The Buddy Pack—an empowering answer to fear

I recently did a booth at our town days here in Bluffdale.  I was explaining the different features of a Buddy Pack (an outdoor survival kit for kids) to a dad who was there with his son.  I summarized by saying that the best part is how a child feels when they have their very own Buddy Pack.  “They already see themselves as brave and adventurous, but a Buddy Pack gives them a sense of ………………..” and before I could finish the statement the dad said, “empowerment.”

“Yes, empowerment,” I replied.  He recognized it as a very significant factor of a Buddy Pack and finished my sentence for me.

Do you know that feeling of empowerment?  It’s the confidence that comes from knowledge combined with the right tools and resources.  It enables a person to make good decisions and solve problems.    It’s assuming responsibility, it’s strength, it’s having control over one’s life.

It is all that, too, for a child who has a wilderness survival kit designed especially for them.  That kit, of course, is a Buddy Pack.  Every child age 5-11 can zip, blow, tie, understand, wrap up in, signal with, turn on, drink from, open, eat, and play with everything in it.  Since there are no other kits available that are proven to work completely for this age group, why would you send (or take) your child out without one?

A child wearing a Buddy Pack…

…(or a Teen Kit for kids age 12-18) who is set for an adventure, might look like this:

Kids Empowerment

–A kid ready to hit the trail, checking once more for hat, sunblock, water, and Buddy Pack.   It’s on her already and has been since morning.  She gives it a gentle pat and expresses a mindful, “I got this!”

–A 9-year-old child, after practicing in the snow with their Buddy Pack, says, “If you get lost and you have your Buddy Pack, you won’t be scared.”

–A child clipping their adventure buddy (the plush puppy that comes with the Buddy Pack) to a loop on the outside of the Pack and reminding it that they can keep each other safe and remember together what to do if they get lost.

Do you see fear in there anywhere?  Neither do I.

When it comes to outdoor survival gear for kids, this kit can be counted on to keep a child alive until someone finds them, and this means any time of year.  Not just summer.  In fact, it is even more important during the cold months, which are just around the corner!

Check out the outdoor survival gear for kids on our website.  You will see for yourself that they contain knowledge and the right tools, that they enable a child to make good decisions and solve problems.

Your purchase of a Buddy Pack or Teen Survival Kit will make you a hero to your child!  And when your child goes out adventuring it will give them—and you–an alternative to fear.

Now, doesn’t that feel better?

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