What Does a Kid’s Survival Shelter Look Like?

You are on a family camping trip; the kids went out exploring and have been gone for three hours.  They said they’d be back in “a while.”  Now it’s late afternoon, windy, and clouding up.  You remember they were only wearing light clothing and had no coats.  What were they thinking?  What were you thinking?

If a child is lost and has no way to maintain body temperature, they could be in serious trouble within three hours.  To send them out into the wilderness unprepared makes them very vulnerable.

Please don’t do that!

An outdoor survival shelter that protects a child from cold, rain, snow, or wind does not need to be complicated; and a kid with no outdoor survival gear can actually stay alive until help comes if they have a little knowledge and can remain calm enough to use that knowledge and the resources available to them.  (That’s a big IF, by the way.)

Here are some recent and real examples:

  1. Two sisters, ages 5 and 8, got lost in rugged woods and survived rain and cold for almost two full days by huddling together under a huckleberry bush and sharing the one rain jacket they had.
  2. A lost adolescent boy kept himself warm overnight by nestling close to rocks warmed by the sun.
  3. A 12-year-old got separated from his Scout group and spent a night by himself in the mountains. He built a lean-to shelter.  Then to prepare for a night in the 40s, he did what he remembered learning–dig a hole and cover himself with dirt to preserve his body heat.  It worked!

At a recent Buddy Pack activity, children paired up to go into the woods carrying only their survival blanket (or a practice bedsheet—see photo above) to make a shelter.  They had a ton of fun and learned quickly that simple is better.

Since Buddy Packs is all about simple kids’ survival gear, every Outdoor Survival Kit for Kids (and the Survival Kit for Teens and Adults) comes with an SOL “Heatsheet” Emergency Blanket that reflects 90% of body heat and wraps closely around you–no matter what size you are.  It opens and refolds easily, will not shred, is easy to repair, is quiet, and is high-visibility orange on one side and reflective silver on the other.

So… what does a kid’s survival shelter look like?

Sparkie—one of our Buddy Pack puppies–wants to show you!

Buddy Packs Buddy Sparkie

If he can do it, your kids can too—with their very own wilderness survival kit for kids–their Buddy Pack.

It’s a kit, a plan, and a buddy.  Now, doesn’t that feel better?

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