Buddy Packs Puppies

Meet The Buddy Packs Puppies, All Six of Them!

Introducing the Outdoor Buddy Puppies:

  • SPARKIE – (Orange) Playful, Forgetful & Energetic
  • CAPTAIN – (Purple) In-Charge Type, Can You Tell?
  • ROWDY – (Green) Impulsive, Likes to Take Chances
  • PRINCESS – (Pink) Sweet, Doesn’t Like to Get Dirty
  • SCOUT – (Yellow) Has Outdoor Skills
  • BUDDY – (Blue) Everyone’s Best Friend

As you can see, they have their Buddy Packs on and are excited about an adventure. Their mommies taught them from the Buddy Packs Parent Guide on how to not get lost, how to use their Buddy Packs Survival Kit if they do get lost, and lots of other outdoor survival skills.

The Buddy Packs are a wilderness survival kit created especially for kids–because they need their own. Does your adventurous child have one?

(Did you know that one of these puppies comes with each one of our Buddy Packs? You even get to choose which color you want!) Check out cool outdoor survival kits and kids’ outdoor gear in our online store.

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