Signal, Search & Shelter Training by Buddy Packs

Signal, Search, & Shelter…

An evening of survival games for kids

Last week, a lively and excited collection of children ages 4-12 rambled through woods and up hills to practice their survival skills.   They arrived being hesitant; they finished happy and confident.

Each had a kit, a plan, and a buddy—a Buddy Pack—the first wilderness survival kit for kids.

In small teams, they learned to:

  • Orient a map with a compass
  • Decide on a route to a specific destination, and go there
  • Identify various features on a map
  • Signal with a signal mirror and then with the reflective side of their survival blanket to a Buddy Pack Leadership Team member who was on the summit.
  • Build a shelter with just the blanket
  • Find a lost child (a stuffed doll) who disappeared without anyone noticing and had no outdoor survival gear for kids and no knowledge.

And then when I was pretty much ready to be done, they all wanted to go out and “get lost” and have someone come find them.  Ok, ok, one more game.  So out they went in pairs to practice what they had learned.

Pretty soon I heard whistling come from all different directions and I knew they were set up in their Buddy Pack “lost but waiting to be found” positions.  What is that, you say?

We believe completely that kids survival gear needs to be just that—for kids.  Any child age 5-11 should be able to buckle, zip, understand, hug, blow, tie, wrap up in, turn on, drink from, and play with everything in it.  As we say, it’s a kit, a plan, and a buddy.  It teaches them to stay where they are and use the tools in the Buddy Pack to stay safe until they are found.

We take seriously our desire to help kids stay safe outdoors.  Our kids’ survival gear does just that.  It’s not matches, pocketknives, or fishing line.  It’s designed to help a lost child stay safe and alive until help comes.  Its designed to teach them how to not get lost, but if they do, it has the age-appropriate tools to help them remember to stop, think, whistle, tie the marker on a tree or bush to help them stay where they are and not get more lost, and also contains light, shelter, and water.

So yes, they finished happy and confident—do you see it on their faces?  So if you want your child to love and enjoy the outdoors, to be prepared, and to be confident, get them a Buddy Pack!

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