Adventures of Sparkie, the Buddy Pack Puppy

Ecuador Adventures:

“Sparkie, do you want to go to the jungle?”

“Yip, yip, yip.”

“Will you wear your Buddy Pack, remember what you learned, and not get lost?”

“Yip, yip, yip.”

“Will you be brave?”

“Yip, yip, yip.”

Puppies are like children—they love to explore, are spontaneous, curious, and full of energy.   AND…..they easily forget everything you just said to them!

But Sparkie, the Buddy Pack puppy, now has his own custom-made Buddy Pack.  He has been taught several times by Asher, age 11, and Pickle, age 7, how to use it if he gets lost.

So we are in the beautiful country of Ecuador and will find out soon enough how much he remembers.

We go to the jungle first, to a biological research station to work there for a week.

Its pure jungle:  toucans eating away at the bunch of bananas hanging on your porch, parrots filling the skies with noise, brightly colored but deadly poisonous frogs, iridescent blue morpho butterflies, tarantulas as big as your hand, and thousands of fascinating insects.

New & Intimidating

Buddy Packs & Sparkie - Ecuador

It’s all very new and a bit intimidating to Sparkie.  At first, he stays close to Asher and Pickle as they explore.

One day they go adventuring and find a river to play in.  The water is cool and refreshing.  Afterward, Asher tries to get Sparkie to hike out by himself, and he’s too tired.

Exploring & Adventure

Buddy Packs & Sparkie - Ecuador

Another day they go exploring on a jungle path.  Sparkie stays close by, and Pickle’s puppy, Pinkie, does too.  After all, it’s a jungle out there!

Rain & Mud

Buddy Packs & Sparkie - Ecuador

Next, since it is the rainy season and very muddy, we run out of clothes quickly.  Sparkie goes with Asher and Pickle to do laundry at the scrubbing station a short walk from the house.  For a child or a puppy, washing clothes here by hand really just means playing in the water. 


But one day his curiosity got the best of him and he ran off chasing something brightly colored.  He chased it to the bunch of bananas, then to a fence post,   then he jumped into some bushes—and realized that he didn’t know where he was anymore.

Remembered The Plan

Buddy Packs & Sparkie - Ecuador

Lost and scared, he whimpered and sniffed, and sat down to cry.  Then he remembered what he had learned and practiced.

“Wait, I have my whistle—I can blow it,” he said to himself.  He did:  three times…… three times.  Just how he had been taught. Then he hung up his Reflective Locator Ribbon and STAYED WHERE HE WAS.

Using The Kit

Buddy Packs & Sparkie - Ecuador

Soon it started to rain so he wrapped up in his survival blanket, kept blowing his whistle, listened for someone to whistle back, and waited.

Soon Asher heard his whistling and came and found him.  Good job, Sparkie!  Good job, Asher!