The Last 3 Reasons Why Buddy Packs are the best

Reason’s 8, 9 & 10

Reason #8

This amazing outdoor survival kit prepares a child for a future of safe, fun, and rewarding outdoor activities-the right way!

Annie gets lost.

Buddy Packs Kids Survival Kits

One summer day last August, our little “5-year-old Annie” (made of hand-me-downs stuffed with plastic bags), while playing a game with her brothers, got mad and ran off!  It started to rain. She hid under a big piece of bark by a tree and fell asleep crying. She did not come back.

Later that day at a Buddy Pack activity, the children were asked to help find her.  The area was divided, groups arranged, and a return time (15 minutes) was set.

After two separate searches, they could not find her.   

A few minutes later my “helper” stood next to her, blew a whistle, and…..well, within a minute they were joyfully hugging her and laughing.  This photo shows how happy a few of the searchers are to have her safely back.

I planned this activity so the children could experience for themselves how difficult it could be to find someone who is so unaware and unprepared.  It was a sobering moment for them. Buddy Pack training makes a child aware. There is no substitute for that.

Reason #9

The Buddy Pack “Program” encourages children to develop more outdoor and survival skills when they are ready.  

Survival gear for kids is meant to focus directly on survival–meaning shelter, food, and water.  That’s why we don’t automatically include a pocket knife, compass, or fire starting supplies, as some other kids survival kits do.  For a young child in a survival situation, the objective is to keep them safe and alive until they are found.

Other items to be added as the child is ready will help them be more confident and able outdoors, even when they are just having fun and exploring.

Buddy Packs Survival Gear
Buddy Packs Survival Gear

Reason #10

The Teen Guide helps children learn about these new items and how to use them.

Buddy Packs Teen Guide

As a parent, you love to teach your kids outdoor skills.  These skills are fun, and they build real confidence. Our Teen Survival Guide teaches children and teens how to use all the items available on our website.  It was written so that anyone who has not had experience with these items can easily learn how to:

–signal for help

–orient a compass to a map

–filter water

–safely use a pocket knife

— build a survival fire

Buddy Packs Kids Survival Kit

This Teen Survival Guide comes as part of the Teen Kit, which is our wilderness survival kit for ages 11-18.  It comes in a stuff sack which makes it easier to carry in a daypack or backpack.

The Teen Survival Guide can also be purchased separately.  

So, finally, an answer to your most basic concern:  “what happens if my child gets lost out there?”

Give the adventurous child in your life a Buddy Pack or a Teen Kit.

Now, doesn’t that feel better?

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