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What’s a kid’s most valuable outdoor survival skill?

Two young girls, ages five and eight, got lost a few months ago—for 44 hours!

In a rugged and extreme environment. They had no kids’ outdoor survival kit, only a few granola bars, and one raincoat. But the eight-year-old had learned basic survival skills from family camping trips and her local 4-H Club, which calmed her and helped her be resourceful.

When it started to drizzle, they each stuck one arm in an armhole of the raincoat and sought shelter under a huckleberry bush because they knew they needed to stay dry to survive. They stayed in one place. They drank rainwater puddled in leaves. When the five-year-old cried, her sister told her to think happy thoughts. They hugged each other. They sang. They waited.

How do we teach kids in a survival situation to replace panic with calmness, confidence and a mindful “I’ve got this?”

The answer is no secret–and has no substitute: knowledge, practice, and a positive attitude. Even if they leave home without any outdoor survival gear, it opens their mind to resilience and resourcefulness that makes wilderness survival possible.

Mother nature can be very unforgiving, and mountains don’t care.  At the same time, Kids’ survival does not need to be complicated–we can teach, train, and prepare our precious young ones.

“Believe you will be found” is one of the steps in the Buddy Packs Survival Guide for Children. It’s not just one of the steps; it is the most important step!

(In the meantime, those two sisters now have their own Buddy Packs and their mom feels much better!)

On another occasion, a 7-year-old Buddy Pack owner, after practicing in the snow with his kid’s outdoor survival kit, said, “If you get lost and have your Buddy Pack, you won’t be scared.”

No excuses!

Connie Jones

Buddy Packs, LLC

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