Summer Vacation Memories

If you want summer to be over, raise your hand!

Hmm…  Mostly parents, I see!

Recently, during an early morning run through a wooded area near our home, I came across these hammocks.  It was easy to imagine, with the odds and ends scattered about, that some kids had spent the night there by the river scheming up last minute adventures before school starts.

Not too far away from these hammocks is a delightful fairy forest full of miniature castles, dragons, frogs, and flamingos.

Summer Vacation Memories
Summer Vacation Memories
Summer Vacation Memories

Farther into the woods kids have “moved in,” creating spaces for whatever imaginary tale came to their mind that day.  (A handmade cardboard sign revealed what they had been playing recently, but it’s a secret.)  There is another sign set on a tree stump asking visitors to please put garbage in the sacks that they (the kids) had hung on trees.  Do you sense ownership here?

Summer Vacation Memories

Kids play for hours on swing sets, splash pads, and fabricated climbing walls—all provided by adults.  These are all worthwhile, but children feel no ownership of them. Taking care of, being responsible for, and enjoying respectfully are all signs of ownership, even for a child.

How does ownership feel to a kid who has a Buddy Pack—a wilderness survival kit for kids?

Keeping their Pack organized with all parts easy to find.

Keeping the water bottle full and energy bars in the front pocket.

Always keeping it in the same place when not in use.

Giving their adventure puppy lots of love.

Buddy Packs - Kids Survival Kit

The magic of a Buddy Pack, and other outdoor survival gear for kids that can come with it, is that each child owns their own, and therefore is motivated to care for and use respectfully.

Did you know that there are two young girls who have actually earned the money to buy Buddy Packs for themselves?  That’s what I call ownership!

So………..If you want your child to have their own experience in responsibility, respect, and ownership, give them something that is completely their own—give them a  Buddy Pack.

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