10 reasons why the Buddy Pack is the best–and only–wilderness survival kit for young kids.

Come and see how this unique and well-designed kit is the only one that really prepares young children for safe outdoor adventures and for what to do if they get lost.

Reason #1

Having a Buddy Pack means having a plan.

Yes, a Buddy Pack contains survival tools appropriate for kids ages 4 or 5 to 11, but it also has a plan which prepares their most important tool—themselves—to do the right thing if they get lost.

Buddy Packs Survival Blanket

And that is:  STAY WHERE YOU ARE UNTIL SOMEONE FINDS YOU!!!   (Many people urge youth who are lost to try to find their way back.  For a young child, this will most likely make them more lost.)

You know what I mean–think of the lost children you have seen in a store.  They panic, then they run, making them harder to find.  That happens outdoors too, with often tragic consequences.

Most parents and children are not prepared:  If there is a common thread in each story of a child getting lost outdoors it is that neither they nor their parents were prepared with knowledge or tools for that possibility. That keeps them both stuck in fear and panic.

But with a Buddy Pack, children learn to quickly replace fear and panic with confidence and action because they have a plan and tools.

Reason #2

Each kit contains a Parent Guide and whistle, and an instructional Picture Card for children.

In 15 or 20 minutes the parent, grandparent, or older youth can use the Parent Guide to teach the child how to not get lost, how to explore nature safely, and what to do if they do get lost.  Also, the Parent whistle helps the parent locate the child more quickly.

The instructional Picture Card is attached to the Pack and

reminds the child what to do if they get lost.  It replaces the panic-and-run feeling with, “Oh, I know what to do so someone will find me.”

 So now, finally, a parent or grandparent has the answer to their most basic concern:  what happens if my child gets lost out there?

Give the adventurous child in your life a Buddy Pack.  Now, doesn’t that feel better?

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