Wilderness survival kits for kids!

How and why the Buddy Pack is the only one that:

— prepares young children for safe outdoor adventures, and:

–teaches them what to do if they get lost.

Reason #3

Every tool in this kid’s survival kit has been tested by real children.

That means children ages 4 or 5 through 11 can buckle, zip, understand, hug, blow, tie, wrap up in, signal with, turn on, open, drink from, and play with every item in it.

Check out these cool, kid-friendly parts of the Buddy Pack:

the buckle, the flashlight, and the whistle.

Buddy Pack
Buddy Packs Flashlight
Buddy Pack Whistle

Did you know that:

–most buckles on outdoor gear are too hard for children to open and close?

–That many flashlights are too hard for children to turn on?

–Or that most whistles have mouthpieces that are too large for a child’s mouth?

A child can easily use every item in this kit.

Many products advertised as kids outdoor survival gear or emergency kits require more strength, knowledge, or skill than a child has. Also, many items in those kits encourage children to do things like fish in rivers, use fire starters, or try to find their way back. For a small child, these are potentially very dangerous. The Buddy Pack is completely safe, easy to use, and contains only those items that help a child stay alive until found.

Reason #4

Buddy Packs prepare children mentally to survive.

How do we do it?

1. A Buddy Pack is a kit, a plan, and a puppy. Why a puppy?

–As the parent teaches the child how to use the kit, the child teaches the puppy, which helps the child remember what they’ve learned.

–Comfort and companionship (you know–what all stuffed animals do)

–Reminds the child that they have survival skills and a plan and that following the plan is the best way to be found

  1. For a child lost in the wilderness, a survival kit means nothing if they stay in panic and fear. But a child who has a Buddy Pack and has learned how to use it will sooner or later remember that they have a plan, which begins the process of replacing fear with hope and action. “Believe you will be found” is actually Step 6 in the plan.
  1. Life Savers and a surprise in the front pocket! Something to eat and something to play with that help calm fears and give the child a chance to think.
  1. Buddy Pack children are automatically members of the Buddy Pack Courage Club and learn to replace fear with courage. Not just outdoors when they are lost, but in every circumstance, like on the school playground or with friends.

So, finally, an answer to your most basic concern: “what happens if my child gets lost out there?”

Give them a Buddy Pack. Now, doesn’t that feel better?

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