The Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids

Why do kids love their Buddy Packs?

And why is it still the perfect Christmas gift for kids?

Buddy Packs - Gifts fo Kids

It’s not a game or a princess doll.  It’s not a plush toy or action figure.  It’s not even Legos.  What is it that makes kids love this wilderness survival kit so much?

The answer comes from the experts—the kids who have and know how to use their Buddy Packs.

Kids Outdoor Safety Kits

In our last blog, we mentioned a few.  Here are three more:

  • “Buddy Packs give the kids instructions.  When they are scared, children tend to forget what they were taught, so the Buddy Packs will calm them and remind them what to do.”  (From a 14-year-old who has had a Buddy Pack for six years!
Kids Outdoor Safety Kits
  • “Buddy Packs bring happiness.  When mom knows we have our Buddy Packs, she is assured.  That makes us both happier!” (Wise words from a 12-year-old.)
Why Kids Love Buddy Packs
  • “If I get scared, my adventure buddy helps calm me.  I pretend it is alive and it calms me down.” (Says a sweet 9-year-old who takes very good care of her purple puppy.)

More reasons next time!

Kids Love Buddy Packs

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Sparkie, the Buddy Pack adventure puppy, knows all about food, water, and shelter.  But he sometimes forgets what he has learned about not getting lost and goes off chasing something.

More than once he has been glad for the survival blanket in his very own Buddy Pack.  (Even puppies need outdoor survival kits.)

This blanket is tough, reflects 90% of his body heat, and keeps him dry.

Shelter, especially now that it is getting colder, is vital to survival.

These carefully selected blankets are designed to protect a child from wind, rain, snow, and cold.

So if you want an easy way to teach your kids how to survive outdoors, give them confidence, and give yourself peace of mind—get them a great holiday gift–get them a Buddy Pack.

It’s a kit, a plan, and a buddy—it’s the best kid’s survival kit ever for boys and girls ages 4-11.

Did you know that we have a Teen Survival Kit for middle school and older kids?

Did you also know that we have a Buddy Pack program called “How to Train your Puppy?”

See website for our Buddy Pack Program Now, go out and have a safe adventure!

Questions:  Call Connie at 801-661-9881

Buddy Packs - Buddy Sparkie
Buddy Packs Kids Survival Kits